Danes developing a real taste for electric bicycles

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – The market development in Denmark is the same as that which is currently happening in many other countries. Sales of regular bicycles are stagnating while e-bike sales are growing. That is the picture that the Danish market presents for 2018 and during the first ten months of 2019.

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The Danes are developing a real taste for electric bicycles. This is clearly evidenced by the import volume that quadrupled since 2014. As a result, e-bike deliveries to retailers in 2018 have grown to a share of 12.9 percent of the total. In 2017, that market share was still below ten percent. Comparing 2017 e-bike sales with the total for 2018 shows a big plus of close to 21 percent.  



E-bikes growing in popularity

The past year presented the same picture; electric bicycles continue to grow in popularity in Denmark. According to figures released by the Danish bicycle dealers and industry organisation, Danske Cykelhandlere, covering the first ten months of 2019, the number of e-bike deliveries to dealers came in at 47,500 with the total for the whole of 2019 expected to be nearing the 50,000 units.

With that e-bikes are growing into a significant force on the bicycle market in Denmark. Of that total of some 50,000 units close to 3,000 e-bikes are made locally. In 2018 Denmark imported 50,700 e-bikes; that import number grew to 52,300 in the first ten months of 2019. The country’s export of electric bicycles stood at 7,800 units in 2018 while for the whole of 2019 a likewise number is forecasted.  

E-bikes are growing into a significant force on the Danish bicycle market


Shrinking market for regular bicycles

Viewing the market development for regular bikes; a less fortunate image comes to light. The Danish bike market is shrinking volume-wise. In 2015 that volume stood at 511,000 units; the total for 2019 is some 400,000 units. This comes down to a drop of close to 22 percent. However, the significant decrease of the total Danish bicycle market in numbers is offset by the fact that in terms of money there’s a positive development. This is caused by the fact that the value of an e-bike is on average four times that of an regular bicycle.

Smaller volumes but same e-bike trend in Finland


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