The most convenient and secure bike lock ever

Invented in 2016 with a vision to stop bike theft altogether, PentaLock has focused on innovation, convenience, and increased security to create a sustainable solution in the field of bike locks: creating the best anti-theft bike lock on the market.  


The lock is a true piece of electronic- and mechanical innovation. Designed with a new approach; making it impossible for thieves to use or sell the bike if stolen.

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Industrial design

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Immobilizers are coming

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Integrate alarm & sensor

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Help from a thief

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User experience


Industrial design at it’s best

With deep roots in the Nordic minimalistic and functional design approach, the lock is designed as a bottom-bracket with locking, alarm, and several other smart features. PentaLock is equipped with several unique features, which gives the bike an explicit and innovative design. Already interesting?  Contact us

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Immobilizers are finally coming to prevent bicycle theft

The bike lock works as an immobilizer and simply locks the pedals in a fixed position leaving the bike useless when locked. On e-bikes, it furthermore connects to the whole electrical system, which completely disables the e-bike’s motor, display, etc. when locked.   The PentaLock immobilizer is a vital part of the bike and can easily be integrated into existing bike models.

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Integrated smart alarm and pas sensor

Integrated into the bike, the lock is impossible to remove and practically unbreakable. It locks automatically after 30 seconds, which means that the user will never forget to lock the bike. Furthermore, the bike is secured by an effective bike alarm system, which would scare any thief away. The lock replaces the existing bottom bracket and comes fully equipped with a PAS sensor.

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With a little help from a former thief

When inventing the lock, founders involved both a former professional thief and an insurance company in the design process. Realizing the value of making the bike useless for good without the key and the unwanted attention from an alarm, they got the pillars to create the most innovative and secure bicycle lock ever.

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User experience at its best

With the PentaLock immobilizer fully integrated into the bike, the cyclist gets the most secure and convenient experience. No need to carry a heavy chain lock or u-lock, since it can be cut in a matter of seconds. Just the pure pleasure of riding without worrying about theft. If you want to know more, please contact us.

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