Hartje opens new e-bike
factory in Czech Republic

With the opening of an all new e-bike factory, German Hermann Hartje KG has invested in more capacity. The Hartje e-bike factory in Czech Republic has been assembling e-bikes for the Hermann Hartje KG brands since 2017. The facility is currently expanding its capacities step by step while the company Hartje as a whole is increasingly taking on the role of a manufacturer. 

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 In the future Hartje’s Czech subsidiary expects to produce 90,000 e-bikes per year. – Photos Hartje

After starting with 25 employees in rented premises, Hartje’s Czech subsidiary has now entered the next phase by moving into its own new building. Hartje gives you a look inside this brand new facility. 

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‘Secure our resources’

“With our own location in the Czech Republic, we have created optimal conditions for e-bike production for years to come,” explains Hartje Managing Director Dirk Zwick. “The e-factory is part of our strategy to use our know-how to secure the resources for further dynamic growth. The start of the subsidiary Hartje Asia in 2018, which handles business with around 100 suppliers in Asia, is also part of this forward-looking approach.”

The e-bike factory has no shortage of space for potential expansion in the future. The 22,000 square meter site in the town of Šumperk has only been used partially for the new factory. Since October last year, 42 employees have been working on two assembly lines as well as Holland Mechanics equipment for wheel production.

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“We are just getting started in our new 8,000 square meter facility. So far we have only installed a part of the production equipment,” explains Broňa Kubíčková, Managing Director of the e-bike factory. In the long run, the company expects to produce 90,000 e-bikes per year.

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Hartje opens new e-bike factory in Czech Republic

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