Oli focuses on close to market with Italian made e-bike motors

Italian manufacturer Oli eBike System started producing e-bike drive units in 2015 and has been successfully growing since then. With a complete product-range including three motors, with a fourth being launched in Q3, two displays and two battery options, the ‘Made in Italy’ company is now expanding operations across Europe.


With a staff of 40 people, Oli eBike Systems imagines, designs and builds e-bikes motors in Italy. - Photos Oli eBike System


The fast growth of the e-bike market in recent years meant that Oli eBike System reached the critical mass needed to become independent from its mother-company Oli Vibra S.p.a. at the end of 2020. With a growing portfolio, the company counts Bianchi, Atala (Accell group), Crussis, Bottecchia, Olympia and MBM among its main clients.


Oli focuses their production processes in Italy. With a staff of 40 people, the company imagines, designs and builds e-bikes motors on its home territory. The company says that this leads to daily advantages in terms of project timings, easier cooperation with OEMs and higher product availability.


Product range

The current line consists of the Move and Sport range. ‘Move’ develops 80Nm and its fixing pattern to the frame is compatible with Bosch gen 2 and 3. It is best suited for urban and light-touring applications. ‘Sport’ is available in two configurations and has a proprietary motor plate for the best stiffness to area ratio. ‘Sport Plus’ delivers 85Nm for the most demanding applications, from adventurous enduro to heavy-duty cargo e-bikes with an overall weight up to 300Kg. The ‘Sport One’ is designed for the urban and gravel segment which require powerful but efficient motors. By re-scaling some key components of the Sport Plus model, this new motor is smaller and lighter and designed to constantly work within the maximum efficiency electrical range.


In Q3 2021, Oli will introduce ‘Edge’ which features 3 stages internal gear, develops 90Nm, weights 3kg and will be compatible both with Shimano EP8 and Bosch gen4 mounting pattern. The company has also recently signed a partnership with Sum Solutions which produces last-mile delivery vehicles. For this they custom-tuned the Sport Plus engine to pull the 40 kg quad, the rider and up to 300Kg of load.

"The test machine at the end of each production line runs a complete stress test on every single motor produced"

Focus on quality control

Quality control is carried out by the test machine at the end of each production line. This instrument installs the firmware and runs a complete stress test on every single motor produced. A complete torque rump-up and mechanical shake-down are performed. Only if this test is passed, the motor is approved for shipping.

Oli - Foto1 in kolom 6:4 verhouding

Although the system is open, starting this year Oli is introducing a selection of batteries to be able to offer OEM's the simplicity of purchasing a complete package. The company intends to start production of its own batteries, in proprietary factories and equipped with proprietary BMS, by the end of 2021. Two battery types are being offered; the semi-integrated solution with 370Wh is suited for light and nimble urban e-bikes or gravel bikes and with more storage, a 630Wh model compatible with most diffused downtubes.


Dealer training and service

OLI has implemented a process to quickly react and solve service’ situations. The company recently started a YouTube channel where mechanics can learn the basics of software and hardware maintenance on OLI’s products. This spring 2021 the company will also disclose Config GUI software that allows dealers to configure the motor in every detail, update firmware and communicate with OLI Service Center. 


In terms of service each trained mechanic can access a ZenDesk platform to request assistance and submit warranty claims. If a new motor is needed, the replacement motor is immediately configured to the bike’s specifics and shipped to the dealer. The mechanic replaces the motor and sends it back to Oli in the same box. Once it has been returned to OLI, the motor is disassembled, inspected, reworked and restocked as regenerated.

Oli - Foto Test Machine

The test machine at the end of each production line runs a complete stress test on every single motor produced.

Growing overseas operations

The goal of the company is to have no territorial boundaries and is currently expanding operations all around the world counting on the subsidiaries of Oli Vibra. The mother company has extensive knowledge in mechanics, electronics and electric motors derived from the development of vibration technologies for heavy duty applications.


The intention is to start a production plant everywhere it will be needed. Since June 2020, two area managers have been hired to promote the brand and support OEM in the DACH-BNLX and eastern European markets.

Study on revision of EU battery legislation

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