Brose produces millionth e-bike
mid motor in Berlin


The second generation of Brose e-bike’s motor in a magnesium housing. – Photo Brose Antriebstechnik


Brose produces millionth e-bike mid motor in Berlin 

The e-bike market entrance of Brose came late, but not too late. As a well-known and experienced supplier of electric motors for the automotive industry the company has transformed their business to e-bikes as well. This March, the one millionth motor will leave the company’s Berlin production facility. 


“The real boom is yet to come,” says Brose E-Bike Systems general manager Thomas Leicht. “Soon every second bike sold in Germany will be an e-bike. We expect that to happen probably in just two to three years from now and represents a market volume of two million e-bikes annually.” Today Brose e-bike systems are made by Brose Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG a member of the Brose Group.

“The e-bike is developing into a connected overall solution with intelligent components”

Also successful outside Germany 

“With our e-bike system, we are very well prepared to meet a wide variety of demands. Note that the forecast of two million e-bikes only applies to our home market. For sure we are already also selling our e-bike drivetrain successfully outside the Germany.” Looking into the future, Leicht is confident about the ongoing the trend of growing demand for drivetrain-systems. “The e-bike is developing into a connected overall solution with intelligent components. Anti-theft systems, integrated navigation and gear shifting are increasingly popular.” 


Over these years the automotive supplier Brose has definitely benefited from high demand for e-bikes. This market development continues to drive the company’s growth. Brose entered this market in 2014 when they started the first e-bike mid-motor series production in Berlin. In 2018, the company launched their ‘Brose Drive System’, which included a motor, battery and display.


Brose: millionth e-bike mid motor

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