How Fits Organizer Nangang Hall 2 Into Taipei Cycle Concept? 

This year’s Taipei Cycle will be very different compared to former ones. A new dimension is added to the event as a big part of the show will be taking place across the road; at the all new Nangang Exhibition Hall 2. Another new aspect is that with the 2019 edition the show returns to its original March dates. Bike Europe asked show organizer TAITRA how the new hall is fitted into the Taipei Cycle Show set-up and for more on what the show dates will be in the years to come.

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This year’s Taipei Cycle will be different compared to the 31 previous ones. There’s now Nangang Hall 2. What does this mean for exhibitors and visitors. Are there now for instance 2 main entrances for the show? And what other changes are there to expect with Nangang Hall 2?

“With the launch of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, we are able to have more space to meet our exhibitors needs. From now on, the new show hall will be the parts/components pavilion while the original hall accommodates complete bikes, international exhibitors, and e-bike systems pavilions. It helps to create a different atmosphere for the show. There are about 615 exhibitors at the new hall, and altogether we are looking at the total scale of 3,300 booths for the 2019 event with a total of 1,115 exhibitors.”

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Will Taipei Cycle 2019 see many more booths and a much bigger show floor space?

“In 2019, Taipei Cycle uses the 4th floor of Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 and the whole of Hall 2. The capacity is 3,300 booths and the show is fully booked. The first floor of hall 1 will this year be used for the Smart City Expo. From 2020 on we will use the full space of both show halls. The full capacity is expected to be 4,500 booths. Hopefully, the booth shortage issue will be resolved by then”.


This year’s Taipei Cycle is back to its original March dates. TAITRA must have received reactions on this switch back. Please tell more about these reactions?  

“It’s true that we received various feedbacks from our exhibitors and visitors. However, most of the feedbacks are positive toward this switch back to March due to the growing challenges and market changes. After all, our show and the industry are in a very different positions comparing to two years ago, when we agreed to move the dates. In the following years we’ll stay in March, in conjunction with TaiSPO (Taipei Int’l Sporting Goods Show). In 2020 we’ll use both Nangang Exhibition Hall 1 and Hall 2 and at that time, we’ll have enough space to serve our exhibitors.”

With more space available, it is welcomed for all our exhibitors to hold more activities in the exhibition center

Does Nangang Hall 2 also offer more facilities like restaurants and meeting rooms? 

“Yes, Nangang Hall 2 is featured with over 35,000 m2 exhibition area, providing more restaurants serving Asian and Western cuisine. The catering is located on the 3rd floor and on floor B1. There are also more exhibition spaces outside to be used by exhibitors for demo’s and test rides. Visitors can easily access the show via the underground connection pathway between Hall 1 and Hall 2. Also there will be a mega convention center on the 7th floor at Hall 2 which is to open next summer.”  


Does this mean that Taipei Cycle in the near future will see a much expanded side-program with many more Conferences, seminars and possibilities for exhibitors to host private meetings?  

“Yes, the multi-functional convention center on the 7th floor is capable to house 3,000 people. It can be converted to smaller meeting rooms to suit all kinds of purposes. With more space available, it is welcomed for all our exhibitors to hold more activities in the exhibition center together with the Taipei Cycle Show.”

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