MONO DT fits with various batteries

In 2021, AFORGE develops new downtube that not only can fit with various watt batteries, such 500WH, 630WH and 750WH, also the MONO-downtube(wave) for lady’s bike. The new downtube looks compact and easy for brands to fit it into the frame design.   

Tianchen -  logo A-Forge

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New MONO downtube that fitting with various batteries!


  • Fitting with various watt batteries, such 500WH, 630WH and 750WH
  • Easily installation and removal of battery
  • MONO-downtube(wave) for lady and elder
  • Compact shape
  • Compatible for all kinds of frame design


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Tianchen - A-Forge
Tianchen - A-Forge

9 sets of big hydroforming machines

  • A-FORGE group has 9 sets of big hydroforming machines including 1200T/1000T/800T
  • Automatic robotic arms applied
  • 3 sets of laser cutting machines equipped
  • Strong production capacity especially for E-BIKE parts


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A-Forge - New Vietnam factory
A-Forge - New Vietnam factory

New Vietnam factory

  • Sixth factory of A-FORGE group
  • Locates at Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park II-A
  • 23,900 square meters
  • Production includes forging parts and hydroforming tubes for E-BIKE
  • Recruit under progress, some essential staffs and managers are already under training


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