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Retailer Leisger successfully combines brick & mortar and webshops

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The German retailer Leisger successfully expands internationally with it Leon Cycle brick and mortar e-bike shops in combination online platforms. France is the next target with a store in Lille. Created in 2014, this chain launched in Germany with the opening of shops in Hannover and Munich. The group also operates stores in Australia, the United States, Canada, and since 2020, in Spain.  


“France is becoming a very important market for us,” says Albin Warin, sales and marketing director at Leon Cycle. “It is our ambition to take a 3% market share during our first year in France.” The total market volume in France passed the 500,000 units mark at 514,672 e-bikes sold in 2020 as this trade journal reported.  


Meeting place for resellers, partners and enthusiasts  

“Our store in Lille will be a unique place in terms of design and atmosphere because we want to offer our customers a different experience,” adds Warin. “We have planned to open three showrooms in France. They will be the ideal meeting place for resellers, partners and enthusiasts who want to test one of our brands. These spaces are designed to bring together the local cycling community. That is already happening in Barcelona, Hannover, Seattle and even Melbourne thanks to their café, workshops and conferences hosted throughout the year.”  


With Leon Cycle, the Leisger group wants to create a meeting place for urban mobility by offering e-bikes and accessories, easily accessible for many people. “Direct contact with the consumer is the key to maintain a very high level of service,” Warin notes.  


BionX owner  

The Leisger Group, owner of Leon Cycle and brand owner of NCM, Elewave, ET.Cycle and Foo claims a market share of 1% of the global e-bike market. NCM is mainly sold online via La Fnac and Go Sport and via a network of specialised stores and B2B mobility partners like BeeToGreen or TIM Sports.  


In addition to its international retail network and brands, the Leisger Group also owns the e-drive system, Das-Kit, which is mostly specified on the NCM e-bike and the brand BionX. According to the company, the e-bikes production has reached 300,000 units this year thanks to its assembling facilities in China, South Korea, Vietnam, Germany and France.


Supply chain constraints  

How is the company handling the supply chain constraints as one of the larger e-bike companies in the world? “We work with multiple production partners, especially in Europe and France. This strategy makes it possible for us to manage our supply chain efficiently, and with this, we avoid shortages and long lead times for components. We aim to disrupt markets in which we are already present and to open new ones this year,” he assures.  

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