Shengyi Powerful High Torque Mid System CMT03P

Shengyi one of the leading manufacturer, professional and dedicated in research and development of e-bike motor and system. CMT03P is absolutely your better choice mid motor for MTB e-bike. 120Nm max torque makes you climbing and speeding up easier and faster. Powerful but quiet. >80% efficiency satisfied your long distance cross-country tour.


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Suzhou Sengyi

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Suzhou Sengyi

Your economical choice Shengyi Mid System CMT07

Shengyi lightweight mid drive system CMT07, compact size fits fashionable city/road E-Bikes. Independently developed torque sensor by ourself assists you continuous power, output 85Nm max torque. It’s your deserved cost-effective but high-performance mid drive system. 


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Suzhou Shengyi

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