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Lishui Controller - 40 years R&D & 1600+ Brands’ Choice

Nanjing Lishui Electronics Research Institute Co., Ltd was founded in 1979, provides the best solutions for e-bikes and pedelecs. With 40+ years experiences & 10+ million controllers sold to EU market, we are now producing highly customized controllers with extremely high quality. 

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Lishui Controller 2

ELSD for Dual-Motor System

More torque, Higher Efficiency, and it will prolong your battery life. 


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Lishui Controller 3


Lishui Controller

Dual-motor System and Multi-battery System are supported.

New features: Dual-motor and multi-battery are supported. Our special motor control algorithm can distribute torque and speed for two motors automatically in real time. Battery working mode selection is open to users, which includes one-by-one mode, power extension mode, distance extension mode, etc. 


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Nanjing Lishui Electronics Research Intsitute Co., Ltd
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EU R&D Center
Shanfu Consulting & Business Services GmbH
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Taiwan Office
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