Hyena's lightweight e-bike drive system has tradeshow premiere at Taipei Cycle

Despite being in production since the start of the corona pandemic, e-bike drive system manufacturer, Hyena, finally had the opportunity to present its new drive system at the Taipei Cycle show in 2022. The company offers whole system e-bike system for bikes in the city, trekking and road categories.

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Despite being specified on model 2022 e-bikes, Taipei Cycle show was the first time Hyena's e-bike drive systems have been visible on a tradeshow. The whole system is lightweight and compact in size. All components of the system are concealed in the bike frame to make an e-bike look like a regular bike.

All components of the system are concealed in the bike frame to make an e-bike look like a regular bike

Rear hub motors

All systems have 250-watt power. In the city range, the MRT-A250 rear hub motor weighs 2.7kg. It features 40Nm torque, the direct power distribution makes the bikes easier to handle. It is compatible with a threaded freewheel. For trekking the MRC-A250 rear hub motor weighs 2.9kg, offers 40 Nm torque and is compatible with cassette freewheel up to 10 speed. For road, the MRC-E250 has the smallest size which can be fully concealed behind the cassette and weighs only 2.2 kg.

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Hyena system-powered e-bikes are supported a smartphone app to optimise the end-user experience. E-bikes with the built-in Hyena system can be updated over the air. Hyena states that more connectivity features on the e-bikes will be released in the future.


To help partners easily and quickly adopt the drive system to the e-bike, all the standard systems are pre-programmed with specific riding performances for different riding conditions. Based on these basic settings, the e-bike performance can be further adjusted via the company's modular firmware technology.


All Hyena e-bike drive system components come with a unique module number (MID), the production history and test report of each product are recorded on the cloud-based platform according to the MID and traceable through other hyena applications. No matter which system configuration is chosen for an e-bike, all electronic parts will be identifiable and guaranteed in the future.

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Hyena premieres e-bike drive system at Taipei Cycle

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