Revonte launches flexible e-bike battery

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Following Revonte ONE, the smart e-bike drive system with an integrated automatic transmission, Revonte has released the flexible Revonte Akku battery solution for e-bikes.


Developed in cooperation with Akku Vision, the two batteries Revonte Akku 5 and Akku 7 provide the most versatile battery solution for e-bike manufacturers. Available in two capacities, 530Wh and 705Wh, both Akkus come with the same housing, allowing OEM partners to easily design their products in the desired specs and price points. For both batteries the same type of frame can be specified.  


Besides the matching physical dimensions, the batteries are designed for both vertical and horizontal assemblies with the appropriate attachment points, which further enhances the OEM’s design flexibility. Finally, Revonte provides five different insertion options and locking mechanisms (top-front, top-back, bottom-front, bottom-back and slide-in) without any modifications.  


The ease of daily use by the end-user has been considered with a two-step release mechanism, which allows both the locking of the battery securely in the frame and its release with a single movement, using a single hand. The battery can be inserted or extracted simply by pushing or pulling without operating a separate button or latch.

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Designed for serious cargo e-bikes

Both Akku 5 and Akku 7 feature a modular extension feature, where up to four batteries can be linked together without any extra electronics. Batteries with different capacities and level of charge can be connected interchangeably with a maximum total capacity of 2.8kWh. This is a major benefit in case a lot of battery capacity is needed, like for cargo e-bikes.  


“We are incredibly excited by the battery developments at Revonte, especially the modular ability to add up to four batteries in parallel, both safely and intelligently. It makes specifying the range of our vehicles far simpler for our customers, as typically we want to offer a range from 30 up to 120 km per day”, says Adam Barmby, founder and CEO of the UK micro mobility company EAV. “Revonte Akku simplifies the whole process and also allows us to add features to our vehicles such as regenerative braking, solar charging and the use of the batteries for onboard systems,” he continues.


Cooperation with Akku Vision 

Akku Vision, formally known as E-Bike Vision GmbH, based in Haibach, Germany, has over 10 years of experience in the development, production and sales of e-bike batteries. The expertise gathered over the years, in the field of mechanical design and battery management system development as a core competence, prompted Revonte and Akku Vision to co-develop the batteries for the OEM e-bike market. The battery, developed exclusively for Revonte, uses the latest technology including modern 21700 Li-ion cells and is manufactured in Germany.    

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