Bosch improves riders experience with more technical features

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For model year 2021, Bosch eBike Systems is extending the small, robust on-board Kiox computer to include a navigation function. According to Bosch, “the technical improvements optimise the e-bike experience making it the smart connected companion for long rides.” The Kiox on-board computer now comes with navigation and customisable display. It uses the rider’s smartphone for navigation purposes.


The on-board computer connects with the e-bike Connect Smartphone App on which navigation is running via Bluetooth. The planned trip is shown on the on-board computer display as a line that indicates the route. For ease of orientation at all times, the view on the display rotates in the direction of movement while riding. This makes it easy for riders to navigate tracks. Kiox also indicates the distance from the final destination at any time. It is easy to plan routes using the Connect App or online portal and to send them to Kiox. When connected with komoot or Outdooractive, people will find lots more rides to choose from.

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The on-board computer connects with the e-bike Connect Smartphone App on which navigation is running via Bluetooth." 


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Individual configuration

The new display, which can be configured as required, ensures an even more individual riding experience. The screens and the selection of ride data such as speed, performance or battery charge can be easily adapted to the rider’s own wishes.  


The Connect App and online portal give the rider access to the connected e-bike world. The on-board computer uses Bluetooth to synchronise all relevant ride data with the app. These can be evaluated after the trip in the app or online portal. The update extends the functional scope of Kiox and also includes various technical improvements such as the stabilisation of the Bluetooth connection. This ensures a better connection between Kiox and the eBike Connect App.


Connected experience

“We use regular software updates to introduce new features for our on-board computers, while also continuing to optimise the way our products work. This is something familiar from smartphones and TVs. It is the same for our connected on-board computers. This is how we ensure that people will enjoy the connected experience for a long time to come,” explained Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems.


The new Kiox functions will be available as a software update from summer 2020 onwards and will be synchronised automatically. The on-board computer is available for retrofitting from specialist dealers from summer 2020 and is compatible with all product lines from model year 2014 onwards.  

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