Fazua updates evation connectivity software for 2021

Drivetrain manufacturer, Fazua, has optimised the connectivity of its system by rounding out the ‘evation’ experience with a 2.0 software update. The software update is the first big step towards a wide-ranging Fazua connectivity environment.

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The evation Connectivity Software 2.0 update now enables a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the Fazua remote and any compatible bike computer or other third-party device. Integrated into the software are the standard BLE protocols Cycling Power Service (CPS) and Cycling Speed & Cadence Service (CSCS), which make it possible to display the system-generated values for the rider’s bike power (in watts), speed and cadence on the connected third-party device in real time. This means that riders can now track their training sessions and rides with greater accuracy while also viewing and analysing the data on their preferred bike computer.


Previously, the only way to display these values was in the Rider App using Bluetooth. The open Bluetooth interface gives riders the freedom to choose which device to use on their rides—be it their own smartphone, a navigation device, a standard BLE-enabled cycling computer with a display, or any one of the different brands of compatible wearables.

Fazua, has optimised the connectivity of its system by rounding out the ‘evation’ experience with a 2.0 software update.


Handlebar control  

The Remote bX is the new model for controlling the drive system from the handlebars. Just like the Remote fX, this version also includes a responsive touch interface that provides riders with an intuitive method of switching between different riding modes. The bX also comes with the feature that allows users to disable the touch interface, making the mechanical button in the middle the only way to cycle through the modes.  


Five LEDs provide a highly visible indication of the battery charge and system status, and an intelligent light sensor adapts the LED brightness to ambient conditions. The integrated Rain Mode disables the user controls during rain to prevent unwanted changes in the riding mode. The Remote bX will be available from the 2021 season.

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The evation Connectivity Software 2.0 update now enables Bluetooth Low Energy connection between any compatible bike computer or other third-party device.


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Advancements in lighting and charging  

With the 12 V Connector Box, lighting that is connected to the FAZUA evation drive system can be turned on and off from the evation remote. It is fully compatible with all evation remotes. The 12 V Connector Box is available from mid-July.  


The new FAZUA Charger X is smaller, lighter and also more affordable than its predecessor. Its compact size makes the Charger X ideal for carrying in a backpack on a long trip or as a second charger for optional office charging. The charger charges the FAZUA Battery 250 via a magnetic plug with 2 amps. Thus the battery is fully charged after 3-4 hours.  



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