Versatile and comfortable saddle with Italian style

The Aspide Short is Selle San Marco’s latest saddle which enhances the technical details and stylistic qualities. The length of the saddle has been reduced to increase the comfort. According to Selle San Marco, the company is entering a new era of Aspide which has been one of the spearheads for almost 20 years

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The new ‘short’ version will be the first ever with a visible shell. The size of the central opening has been increase while the saddle length has been reduced by 28 millimeter to 25 centimeter. This will make it easier to find to ideal saddle for everybody which will be available in many sizes ranging from S3 to L3. 


The structure has been designed to give full support to the seating bones, while eying the versatility of the saddle. The new Aspide Short adapts to different pedaling styles thanks to the optimal use of materials and technologies. Each of the four different Aspide Short saddles come with their own rail technology. Customers can now choose between a carbon rail, a XSilite rail, a manganese rail and a FEC alloy rail. 


In addition to the new Aspide Short, Selle San Marco is expanding its product range with a new category. This new line with be aimed at the entry level saddle market.

Brooks C67 saddle for easy e-bike and cargo bike handling

Brooks, known for their traditional leather saddles, set out to develop their newest range combining timeless design with the comfort, safety, and performance of a modern saddle and grips for everyday use.

The Cambium C67 saddle guarantees comfort thanks to its elastic natural rubber top which absorbs both shocks and impacts. The special designed shape of the top and the saddle nose provides more stability during the ride. Special attention has been given to safety, function and comfort for e-bike riders thanks to the flexible top. The slightly raised rear surface gives extra support while pedaling and prevents from sliding backwards. The curved nose also delivers more stability during acceleration.


Shock-absorbing design from Brooks

The top of the saddle is made of Cambium, which is more flexible and shock-absorbing than leather. Rubber is comfortable, water-proof and easy to maintain. The flexibility of the natural rubber is increased by the innovative fan structure of fiberglass nylon. At the same time, it also adds extra resistance to stress and vibrations and ensures a longer life.


The design of the C67 allows an easy lift of even heavy e-bikes and cargo bikes at the rear of the saddle. Like all Cambium saddles, the C67 is made of vulcanized natural rubber that gently flexes and moves with the rider’s sitting position. Durable, maintenance-free and waterproof, the C67 is suited for year round all-weather use.



The design of the C67 allows an easy lift of even heavy e-bikes and cargo bikes at the rear of the saddle." 


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Ergonomic grips 

To match the C67 saddle, Brooks also developed a set of ergonomic grips. These have been design for a city bike riding position. The pressure on the rider’s hands is equally distributed and offers various comfortable riding positions.



Selle Royal’s first reflective saddle hits the market

Selle Royal has launched its first reflective saddle, the Vivo Reflective Athletic. Created with the urban rider in mind, the saddle is designed for added safety as it adds to visibility of the cyclist whilst on the road. 


The new saddle increases visibility of the rider through a reflective film sealed on the rear of the saddle. In daylight the film is subtle in colour, but in darkness it uses light from headlamps of cars, bicycles and other vehicles to make the user’s presence known. 


The saddle itself is made from a foam matrix structure that increases the elasticity and breathability of the saddle for the best possible durability and comfort. The Vivo Reflective Athletic also features a channel down the centre to help relieve pressure in the pubic area for both men and women, and also added an embossed surface on the saddle where the ischial bones come into contact with it to enhance grip when riding.


“Peace of mind for riders” 

The modern and aerodynamic look of the saddle was created through Selle Royal’s Havac production system. This fuses vacuum technology with the lightness of handmade technology for a clean look, whilst helping to increase the water resistance of the saddle to protect against splashes and rain. 


Michele Manca, Product Manager at Selle Royal said “The Vivo Reflective Athletic gives that extra peace of mind that riders need when cycling on busy streets. We hope this new saddle will encourage those who have started to enjoy the benefits of a cycling lifestyle this year – whether that’s for fun, fitness or just getting around town – to stay on their bikes as the summer draws to a close.”

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The new Vivo Reflective Athletic from Selle Royal has a reflective film for a smart, safe addition to urban bikes.”

Cannondale brings fully recyclable packaging

Versatile and comfortable saddles

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