Kellys e-bikes on Belgium frames

“We are going to get rid of the high fragility of standard resin carbon composites with this next generation material,” said Kellys CEO Michal Divinec. They partnered with Belgium Rein4ced for their new carbon e-bike frames for the Theos F.

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Tern upgrades Vektron

Gogoro comes to Europe

The material of the automatically in Belgium made frames is called Thermoplastic hybrid steel-carbon composites. According to Michal Divinec, “this combines much stronger thermoplastic binder, carbon fibres and inox steel microfibers which reinforces the material even further. Compared to carbon fibre resin composite the all-new Thermoplastic hybrid steel-carbon composite is 200% more impact resistant and durable without any weight increase.” The production of this material is done by advanced robots for an improved quality. This high level of automation makes that production in Europe is beneficial and takes place in Leuven, Belgium. An important difference with carbon fibre resin composite is that this new material is recyclable.“


It took us 3 years of R&D together with our European partners come to introduce an all-new Kellys Theos F-series,” explains Michal Divinec. We are convinced that the Theos-F-series e-bike will revolutionise the industry. The Theos-F frame is 200% stronger than comparable models on the market. From now on, everybody can fully benefit from the low weight of the frame without any worries about cracks, dents or fractures.”


All-new Theos F e-bikes come in a super-endoro with 180/170 millimetres travel and an enduro with a reduced travel of 150/140 millimetres. All frames are full-composite, which means there are no metallic inserts used to increase the durability or reduce weight.

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Tern upgrades Vektron

Tern has upgraded to its Vektron folding e-bike line-up to include more powerful Bosch drivetrains, and updates to the frame, components, and colour options. With similar price points to the previous models, shipping of the upgrades to the EU and North America will start in Q4 2020.


Originally launched in 2017 after a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Vektron has since evolved into what Tern claims to be “one of the most solid and reliable Bosch-equipped folding e-bikes in the market.”


“We’re constantly listening to our dealers and riders, and we’re committed to making changes based on that feedback,” stated Tern Team Captain Josh Hon. “Those who live in hillier areas have asked for a Vektron with a more powerful motor to tackle even the steepest hills. The new Vektron retains its super compact size and superior riding characteristics, but adds the improvements that everybody wants.”


The new lineup includes the top-of-the-line Vektron S10, now with a Bosch Performance Line motor that provides support with up to 65 Nm of torque, and improved pedal assistance of up to 300%. The Vektron Q9 and P7i have been upgraded as well, and now feature a Bosch Active Line Plus motor.


With a maximum gross vehicle weight of 125 kg, the Vektron can carry a young child in a child seat, or plenty of cargo. The frame-integrated rear rack can carry up to 27 kg, and also allow the bike to stand firmly in vertical position when folded, for easier rolling and storage. The stiff Vektron frame has now been updated for easier battery port access, which was another request Tern received from its riders.

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Gogoro comes to Europe

Following a successful initial launch in the US, Taiwanese battery swapping and electric scooter company, Gogoro is bringing its Eeyo 1 e-bike offering to Europe. With distribution agreements in several European countries, the Eeyo 1 premiered in France early October. Gogoro hopes their “E-urban” concept will change the perception of an e-bike.What began as a vision for urban electric mobility in Taiwan as a battery swapping concept for scooters, Gogoro is now expanding into the e-bike market. Jason Gordon, global communications, explains “there is a new audience for e-bikes and it’s a good opportunity to enter the market with a product designed for urban living.”


“Weighing only 11.9kg and with a minimalist carbon frame, the Eeyo 1s is an e-bike that can be easily carried upstairs, into apartments, offices, subways, etc and makes city transport by e-bike more accessible. This has added relevance with the current pandemic and changes in city infrastructure, particularly in Europe,” Jason Gordon continues. “With Eeyo we want to change the perception of e-bikes being just cargo haulers or heavy cruisers. We want to introduce a more fun and progressive riding experience.”


Adding to the light carbon frame and Gates Carbon Drive, another note-worthy characteristic of the Eeyo is the Gogoro-engineered ‘Eeyo Smartwheel’. “Everything is packed inside of the unit, including the 250 W motor, 123 wh battery (60 km range in full assist mode) and all of the electronics. This is all placed inside the hub itself, so not a hub drive, but a hub system,” explains Eric Lin, marketing lead for Eeyo at Gogoro. 


“This design allows bike manufacturers to be more creative with their design. The Eeyo smartwheel allows manufacturers to very easily turn any frame into an electric bike rather than have to integrate e-bike systems on the frame”. All of the controls of the e-bike are controlled via an app, which includes ‘over the air’ updates. The company anticipates being able to adopt this technology to “create smartwheels for other types of human-powered/human-assisted vehicles”.


The company launched the e-bike in the US in May this year, where sales exceeded expectations. “We actually sold out of stock faster than we expected. We’re selling stock faster than we’re able to replenish it,” explains Eric Lin commenting on the success. Time will tell how well the ‘city e-bike’ is accepted in the European market.

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