Phylion's battery support platform

Lithium battery manufacturer, Phylion, has developed a service platform based on their understanding of the e-bike battery. The system can be used to remotely solve various system diagnostic, communication and after-sales issues.

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How to use this Phylion platform

Revonte offers design flexibility

Intelligent and fast charging

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Phylion has been involved in the European e-bike market for several years, focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of power lithium batteries. Towards the end of last year, the company celebrated producing its 10 millionth lithium-ion battery. In recent years it has focused more on providing intelligent service solutions. “The Phylion Service Platform (PSP) system is an open and orderly resource integration service platform which can realise rapid diagnosis, reporting and sales support of the e-bike system,” the company states.


PSP is an advanced e-bike system tool which integrates system detection, diagnosis, commissioning, firmware upgrade and after-sales service, and integrates cloud services. At present, Phylion has launched more than 400 sets of tools in about 300 major customers.The company’s PSP platform has created exclusive service modules for e-bike manufacturers, parts factories and e-bike dealers to cater for their individual needs. The service and support platform can be used for a fast, remote upgrade of the e-system and also diagnostics, e-system commissioning and data management. The system also has an intelligent detection tool and diagnostic information sharing capabilities.


The platform is mainly connected with the e-bike or system accessories through a PC terminal and special toolbox, and all data can be uploaded and backed-up to the cloud.

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Revonte offers OEM's design flexibility

Following Revonte ONE, the smart e-bike drive system with an integrated automatic transmission, Revonte has released the flexible Revonte Akku battery solution for e-bikes. Developed in cooperation with Akku Vision, the two batteries Revonte Akku 5 and Akku 7 provide the most versatile battery solution for e-bike manufacturers. Available in two capacities, 530Wh and 705Wh, both Akkus come with the same housing, allowing OEM partners to easily design their products in the desired specs and price points. For both batteries the same type of frame can be specified.


Besides the matching physical dimensions, the batteries are designed for both vertical and horizontal assemblies with the appropriate attachment points, which further enhances the OEM’s design flexibility. Finally, Revonte provides five different insertion options and locking mechanisms (top-front, top-back, bottom-front, bottom-back and slide-in) without any modifications.


The ease of daily use by the end-user has been considered with a two-step release mechanism, which allows both the locking of the battery securely in the frame and its release with a single movement, using a single hand. The battery can be inserted or extracted simply by pushing or pulling without operating a separate button or latch.


“We are incredibly excited by the battery developments at Revonte, especially the modular ability to add up to four batteries in parallel, both safely and intelligently. It makes specifying the range of our vehicles far simpler for our customers, as typically we want to offer a range from 30 up to 120 km per day”, says Adam Barmby, founder and CEO of the UK micro mobility company EAV. “Revonte Akku simplifies the whole process and also allows us to add features to our vehicles such as regenerative braking, solar charging and the use of the batteries for onboard systems,” he continues.

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Modiary 'intelligent' fast charging

Lithium-ion battery charger developer and manufacturer, Modiary, have unveiled a new smart charger, MDA310. The company claims the product can charge three times faster than ordinary chargers and the built-in software allows for an “intelligent control of the whole charging process”. 


The smart charger is developed for charging of 10S lithium-ion battery packs with optional output current of 6A/5A/4A and will be launched into the market soon. Modiary claim that the working efficiency of the new battery charger, MDA310, is as high as 93%. A controller area network (CAN) communication protocol is used to communicate with the battery management system (BMS).


Its output voltage and current can be adjusted in time through the built-in software to optimize the charging curve and realize a intelligent control of the whole charging process to ensure high working efficiency, high reliability and to extend the battery life; its housing has a fan-less design that prevents dust from gathering that may cause damage to the internal structure of the product, or creating noise; moreover, this charger can support the needs of various battery management systems, and also provides different DC Jack options in order to meet your customisation needs.

In addition, the intrusion protection of the charger can be updated to IP54 after a special treatment to the structure. In near future, Modiary will continue to develop products suitable for charging of 12S, 13S, and 14S li-ion battery packs with a designed output current of 4A.

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Battery innovations that step up e-bike performance

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