Dutch e-bike and bicycle market value sees 30% growth

The e-bike is being massively embraced in the Netherlands and its market share continues to expand. In 2020 e-bike sales increased by no less than 30% to a record number of 547,000 units. In value the market has reached an all-time high of €1.65 billion.

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“For the first time 50% of all bicycles sold in the Netherlands were e-bikes, compared to 42% last year and only 15% in 2011. The corona crisis resulted in a significant boost in e-bike and bicycle sales in the country last year. According to the GfK market survey commissioned on behalf of the Dutch industry organisation RAI Association and the Bovag, 1.1 million units in total were sold last year.

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A higher price tag 

In value, e-bike sales have generated more than 50% of the market since 2018. In 2020 this number increased to almost 75% and the average retail price of an e-bike is €2,259. Thanks to the ongoing popularity of the e-bike, the average value of all bicycles sold in the Netherlands is now €1,499, an increase of 20.6% compared with 2019.


Dutch people tend to pay a high price for their e-bike or bicycle. Last year more than 78,000 units, or 7.1% of the market volume, had a price tag above €2,700 a year-on-year increase of 39,000 units. The industry figures show that the expanding e-bike market had the biggest impact on the categories city and hybrid bikes.

Dutch people tend to pay a high price for their e-bike or bicycle

Market outlook  

Supply chain constraints and corona continue to control the market to such an extent that the Dutch industry organisation can’t give an outlook for the 2021 market. Although Dutch consumers have been able visit their bicycle dealer again since March 2021 on an appointment basis, the RAI Association and BOVAG are still very cautious about expectations for the current sales season.  

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