Eurobike kicks-off trade show rally this week


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Eurobike 2021 will be the first large international trade show in Germany and an opportunity discuss the latest trends and innovations. After 29 editions, Eurobike will say goodbye to Friedrichshafen as the show moves to Frankfurt next year.


Eurobike 2021 is scheduled from 1-4 September. The e-bike and bicycle industry has lacked an international get together for almost two year. Since then the market circumstances have changed dramatically. In 2019 the e-bike boom was already celebrating an unfettered upswing in the key European cycle markets, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. At the same time, the bicycle with the support of an electric motor was also increasingly gaining momentum in markets such as France, Italy, Scandinavia and the UK. 

Bike Europe will exhibit at Eurobike (booth number is FW 106), at the same location as in the past years. We are looking forward to meet you again.

Exhibitiont Eurobike

E-bike still the rising star   

The pandemic gave an unprecedented boost to e-bike and bicycle sales. Never before have so many people learned about the benefits of riding an e-bike over other means of transport, especially in urban environments. The bicycle has been the rising star on all political levels as a major solution for many social issue, like health, pollution and traffic congestion. For the industry itself the overwhelming demand in combination with the supply chain constraints as a result of COVID-19 made it all the more difficult. However, high demand for e-bikes attracts a lot of investors who are more than willing to facilitate the already existing trend of production relocation from Asia to Europe. The rapidly growing interest in the industry will certainly be echoed at Eurobike.


Farewell party   

The 29th edition is also Eurobike’s goodbye to the city of Friedrichshafen. From next year, the show will move to Frankfurt am Main in order to, “create room for future expansion and to improve accessibility,” as Messe Friedrichshafen motivated their decision. Also the date on the show calendar will change. Eurobike 2022 is to be held from Wednesday, July 13 to Sunday, July 17, with the first three days reserved for the trade, followed by a festival weekend open to the general public.

Suzhou Shengyi - Torque E-system

Final edition in Friedrichshafen

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