Avero: 3D carbon printing is the future

Carbon frame printer Arevo has announced the introduction of the next generation high speed additive manufacturing system for large continuous carbon fiber composite structures. In addition to higher quality, the Aqua 2 is able to print four times faster than its predecessor.

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This technology enables the rapid, on-demand production of large (up to one cubic meter) custom composite parts. 


Arevo presented a world’s first custom monocoque carbon 3D printed bicycle frame at already at Eurobike 2019. “Arevo’s new platform enables fabrication of high strength, low weight carbon fiber parts, currently not possible with today’s standard techniques,” said Trae Vassallo, founding partner at Defy. Defy Partners and GGV Capital with participation from Khosla Ventures, Alabaster, and others led the Series B financing for this project. The total funding now stands at $60 million (€50 million). 


Defy appointed Brian Shin, an accomplished serial entrepreneur, investor, and Defy Scout, to join Arevo’s Board which includes Hemant Bheda (Co-Founder), Sonny Vu (CEO), and Bruce Armstrong (Khosla). 


“Defy and GGV Capital provided us not only capital but a vast amount of strategic experience. The strong interests in the company despite tough market conditions really reaffirm our vision,” said Hemant Bheda, Arevo’s Co-founder and Chairman. 

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Frames: Core of the bicycle industry

Frames are the core component of any e-bike, the very essence of the product. A frame has differing variables; designs, materials, weights, and so on. With market perceptions shifting product development over the time, what trends can be seen in current frame production? Is the market shift to e-bikes leading to new developments and production location? What is the impact on the supply chain? All this and more, as we explore... the ‘simple’ bicycle frame in this extensive report.

Superstrata monocoque 

These announcements came shortly after Arevo’s crowdfunding campaign to launch their first direct-to-consumer products, the Superstrata bicycle and e-bicycle, a true monocoque 3D printed carbon frame. The campaign hit its goal of $100,000 (€85,000) in under 3 minutes after launch, and is now on track to surpass $5m (€4.2 million) from over 3,000 backers. 


Arevo is a technology company that automates the design and fabrication of large, geometrically complex, continuous CFRP composite products through a suite of innovations in materials science, robotics and design software.

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Avero: 3D carbon printing is the future

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