Portugal starts cargo bike frame and component production

To increase Portugal’s autonomy, Ciclo Fapril has developed a new project to start cargo bike frame and component production. As partner in the Triangles project, Ciclo Fapril played an important role in the start of bicycle frame production in Portugal a few years ago.

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“Following the success of the Portugal Bike Value project, we announce an important project for the production of steel and aluminium frames and components for cargobikes and long tail frames,” said Ciclo Fapril CEO Vital Almeida. “The ability to innovate, the quality of the product, the service and the capability to be completely independent from Asia will be key to the success of this project.”

"Another important step in developing the bicycle industry in Europe"

Robotized production

In the past 55 years, Ciclo Fapril gained a lot of experience in fully robotized production, welding and surface treatment of both steel and aluminum. The company is fully certified in in accordance with ISO9001, ISO 14001, EN15085-2 and EN1090-1 standards. 

“We are confident that this is another important step in developing the bicycle industry in Europe. With this new project, we will further enhance the autonomy of Europe and Portugal in the bicycle manufacturing process,” says Gil Nadais, Secretary General of the national industry association ABIMOTA.

Torque E-system

Portugal production

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