Is Market Turning Exclusively Electric?


Electric bike sales is showing huge growth in the countries where this category already gained significant market shares. But in these countries the sale of regular bicycles is sinking too. This mounting divergence raises the question whether there will be room for regular bicycles in the future? Dealers are already losing interest in the non-electric segment. What is happening now in established e-bike markets seems to be a harbinger of a trend that also awaits other markets. This and more key insights are in this special Bike Europe edition. 


Jan-Willem van Schaik

Editor in Chief

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 E-Bike Sales Skyrockets Across Europe

Are Speed Pedelecs on Verge of Breakthrough 

Regulations Coming for Electric Step-Scooters  

EU on Why There Are E-Bike Anti-Dumping Duties

Eurobike to Show Exploding Offering in e-Bike Components

Table of contents

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